The Professor in the Cage

Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch (2015.4)


關于本書 About the book

In The Professor in the Cage, professor Jonathan Gottschall enters the world of mixed martial arts to discover the sources of our fascination with violence. Through the power of modern science and by applying the weight of human history, these blinks reveal how our love of fighting is grounded in our deepest human instincts.

本書金句 Key insights

● Clearly, our species’s past was quite violent. But over the course of many generations, humans collectively learned how to control their violent urges by allowing society to codify violence.

● At any given time, there are more males than females who want to reproduce, which leads to competition for females – and, in turn, violence.

● For a long time, sports, whether sword fighting, boxing or chariot racing, existed as exercises to prepare for war. They also helped groups fight for supremacy in a less violent way than a full-blown war.

● There’s lots of evidence to suggest people have had a long-standing love affair with the spectacle of violence. The big difference between today and the past is that real suffering has been replaced with fictional violence in books and films.

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